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Tesla faces new challenges every year. Every year Musk tries to expand its auto empire and thus conquer the market. So far this works quite well. But what are Tesla’s plans for the future? Is it useful to invest in this Tesla shares? Below are 5 benefits why investing in Tesla shares is a good move.


1) Tesla has everything in its own hands
Where many companies spend billions on marketing, Tesla has many followers on social media. Not only the company, but also CEO Musk has an incredibly large reach through these digital media. This allows it to easily and quickly bring news into the air without having to call in agencies or other parties.

In addition, Tesla does not work with dealers and sells its cars online or directly through the Tesla stores. In this way Tesla provides a unique user experience.

2) Tesla’s supercharger network
Many users of electric cars are afraid of it: getting stuck in the middle of the route and not being able to charge your car anywhere. Tesla has also seen this problem and has therefore started a global supercharger network. This network must be expanded every year
and simply ensure that you cannot get stuck anywhere. In the future there will always be a charging point in your area.

Then you may think that you have to wait a long time while your car is charging, but this is not the case.

It takes about 30 minutes before you have a full battery again.

In this way, Tesla not only ensures that people can set off more quickly, but also promotes the use of sustainable cars worldwide. In addition, such a supercharger station naturally also ensures brand recognition and this will only ensure that Tesla shares become even more valuable.

3) Enormous potential market growth of Tesla seems unprecedented
Tesla has actually only been growing since 2003 and this is thanks to the sale of its cars. But as we now know Musk, the company certainly does not sit still. Tesla is designing an SUV, a pick-up truck, public transport bus, taxi service without drivers, solar cells, solar roofs, power walls. It doesn’t stop!

Tesla’s profit in 2018 was already around 7 billion dollars, let alone if all these products actually all come on the market. How much is the company worth or not?

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