Elite will be take off-line at the end of November, 2018. It has been great fun hosting this server for everyone and I hope to be able to provide another server, of a different sort, sometime soon. For more details on this change, please see the official Lancers Reactor post here.

Here (FLAB RC2 and RC3) is a build of the FLAccount browser – it does still contain some bugs, but I hope all server owners enjoy it.
Send comments questions to akataka@flserver.com, and I will do my best to respond in timely manner.
(no real document yet — should be fairly easy to use — note you must sign up for an account first, using the tool).

Here are some basic setup instructions for the RC2 FL Account Browser application:
You must have the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 installed, which you can obtain from here:

Finally, for those who are confused with the sign-up process, here are the steps:
– Run the application
– Click on Edit->Settings
– Next to the password box is a small button (which will be enabled if both username and password boxes are blank when the window opens)
– Click the button
– A new dialog will appear that prompts you for some simple information about you and your server
– Enter the information, making sure your nickname and email address are correct
– Click OK
– If you email address and nickname are not in use, and all fields are filled out, a mail will be sent to your email address with the password
– When you receive the password, go back to the Edit->Settings screen and enter the password in the password box (your nickname should already be there)
– Click OK to close the settings box (and save the information)
– Click “Refresh” on the main screen

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