Keep Your Online Activity Private with a VPN

Canada, is it safe to surf on the internet without VPN? Most Internet conditions are considered secure connections, but your web activity can still be tracked by anyone with the means to break through the traditional firewalls and security barriers. It is important to note most Internet provider keeps track of all the user data that pass through their connection and the Internet provider can see all your activity and keep it all on file. VPN creates a secure connection that is impossible to track. VPN assigns temporary IP addresses behind a fire wall that keeps the users real IP address and data behind closed doors. VPN does not keep a record of its users and the associated Internet activity. The cloak of darkness keeps the activity confidential and private and away from prying eyes.

The switch can be made manually at a random time or the time can be set to switch IP addresses at a predetermined time, either fixed or rolling. There are reasons why an Internet user will decide to use a secure server system such as VPN. With the worries about security, hacking and identity theft, some Internet users opt to take as many security precautions as possible during their normal Internet sessions. VPN is a membership, fee based system and it requires downloading the VPN program.

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