Launch Your Own Affiliate Marketing Campaign with Affiliate Bots

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a business relationship in which you become an associate (i.e. an affiliate) of a company. In this relationship you agree to promote their product or service in exchange for a financial reward.

You do this by referring people to a site or product through an assigned hyperlink.

This hyperlink will contain a unique tracking code that allows the affiliate program you are a member of to track the referrals you send and determine if they complete the required action that gets you paid. If so, money is transferred into your affiliate account.


Affiliate Marketing Sumary

  1. You sign up for an affiliate program
  2. You promote product or service through links using your unique tracking code
  3. User’s click link and perform required action
  4. Referral commission is deposited into your account

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that the links you post on the internet are available even while you sleep and have the potential to generate a nice passive income.

Also, there are no assigned work hours or bosses asking you if you can work the weekend. An added plus for sure!

Becoming an Affiliates Bots Affiliate

For this exercise we are going to setup an Affiliate Bots account, check Affiliate Bots Review. Though there are virtually thousands of affiliate programs to sign up for, I chose Affiliate Bots as a starting point because:

  • It’s a really cool free service
  • New users receive up to $10 sign-up bonus
  • Every member is automatically an affiliate (thus the barrier for entry is low)
  • It shows you a creative implementation of affiliate marketing (more on this later)

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