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Along with wooden flooring, you might also have used concrete or drywall. It is important that until proven to be completely dry, the lumber for the wooden flooring should not be installed or even placed near that area because of the humidity. There are techniques such as placing a clear plastic sheet on that area for a few days and seeing if the sheet is dry, and if not, it is advised not to install the wooden flooring.


You should pay high attention to the area you place your lumber for the duration of the acclimating. Areas with high moisture levels under the flooring and the walls should be avoided. Be wary of cooling appliances as well as heating appliances during this time, due to the possibility of the effect on the readings of the meters and monitors.

If you are careful and attentive, you can have beautiful hard wooden flooring in your home in as little as a few months! Wooden flooring is the natural choice and is also the better choice! You know the facts, so make the right choice, the best choice.

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