Tree Service Companies in Clearwater

Crown thinning

A crown thin involves the removal of branches within the crown of the tree, usually to allow more light to penetrate through.  The technique produces a uniform branch structure without altering the overall size or shape of the tree and reduces the wind resistance of the crown, thus reducing the loading upon the limbs of the tree

Crown lifting

Crown Lifting involves the removal of the lower branches to give the effect of ‘lifting’ the crown of the tree, usual reasons being to either allow more light, or to give access for traffic.

Crown cleaning/removal of dead wood

Involves the removal of dead, dying or diseased branches within the crown of the tree.

Crown reduction and re-shaping

Involves Reducing the height of a tree, and re-shaping accordingly whilst maintaining the tree’s natural shape as far as practicable.

Stump and Root Removal

This procedure involves using a stump grinding machine that will grind the stump out of the ground, destroying the root. The stump is treated to ensure that re-growth does not occur. Our stump grinder will remove any tree stump in most locations.

Tree Planting

Planting trees is an easy and effective way to enhance your property and garden, and can provide both shade and protection during the seasons.  There are many species of tree that can grow in the UK offering an abundance of choice to the customer.  It is, however, extremely important to select appropriate trees for your requirements. Tree Service Companies in Clearwater offer expert, qualified and experienced staff to ensure your needs are met. We offer a comprehensive tree planting service including:

  • Tree sourcing
  • Plant sourcing
  • Plant supply
  • Plant delivery
  • Planting design

Tree Service Companies in Clearwater are experienced in designing tree planting plans designed to your individual requirements, taking in account specific site conditions. Our individual planting plans will show:

  • Which plants go where and the distance between them
  • The number and size of trees needed to get the optimal effect
  • A realistic cost estimate span style


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